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Small drips can waste over 30 litres of water a day, and a continuously running toilet can waste more than 750 litres of water daily. If you ignore them, you’ll pay for it when your water bill arrives.

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Here is a list of Services and differnt problems we can resolve for you:

Plumbing Maintenance

Regular plumbing maintenance can ensure your homes plumbing systems are working properly at all times. This can help to minimise possible plumbing problems that would require more time and cost to repair.
A leaking tap or shower might seem insignificant, but it can cause water damage that is costly to repair. That constant drip also adds up to a significant amount of water being wasted over time.
A drain that is slow to empty is usually an indication of debris collecting in the drain. This problem can be resolved by removing this debris.
A running toilet is a sign that the working parts are starting to wear down and cause problems. A running toilet can waste a very significant amount of water.


Pipe Maintenance

Pipe maintenance is a very important part of every home and workplace. Without proper care pipes are more likely to burst and crack, leaving your house in an unpleased state. Ample Plumbing can provide many services so that you don’t have to experience any problems with your plumbing systems, make sure that you see to your pipes before any issues occur.


Hot Water Repairs

Every modern household needs a well functioning and efficient hot water system. If a hot water service is not well maintained, it can lead to more than the inconvenience of a disruption to hot water supply – it could potentially be dangerous as well as cause an increase in the cost of your water bill. Ample Plumbing can provide hot water repairs and maintenance to ensure the efficiency of your hot water service.

Plumbing Maintenance

Burst Pipes

A burst or leaking pipe is not always as obvious as water spraying everywhere.
The following symptoms may indicate a hidden leak:

  • Water damage on your wall

  • Green or damp patch in your yard

  • Unexplained increase in your Water Bill

  • The check for a hidden leak, ensure all taps, including your toilets are turned off. Read your water meter. If the dials on the meter are moving, despite everything being turned off, you have a leak.
    If you suspect or know you have a burst pipe or leaking pipe give us a call and let us fix the problem for you. Ample Plumbing carry all of the necessary equipment to locate a leak and repair damaged or burst water or gas pipe.

    CCTV Drain Camera

    At Ample Plumbing, we use CCTV or a drain camera to take the guesswork out of sewer and stormwater repairs. The CCTV is used to investigate blocked drains, allowing us to locate the blockage and to visually assess any damage to the pipe. We are able to see exactly what is happening in your pipes including their general condition, penetration by tree roots, broken, collapsed or cracked sections and any debris obstructing the pipes.
    Following this assessment, we will chose which method is best suited to resolve the problem, usually the Electric Eel or Water Jetting. This can significantly reduce the costs of repairs and avoid unnecessary excavation. In then event that the site must be excavated, the CCTV provides an accurate location so we know exactly where to dig.


    At Ample Plumbing we are qualified to work with different kinds of drainage including connections to septic tanks, water and gas systems and waste or sewerage systems.

    Pipe/Cable Location

    Ample Plumbing has access to modern pipe and cable trace-and-find equipment, to accurately and effectively locate pipes, cables and utilities. This allows us to find pipes and cables that are underground as well as other hidden areas and solve problems in these areas in the minimum possible time.

    Pipe Freezing

    Running water can cause problems during pipe repairs. Eliminating the running water can involve cutting off water supply and draining the pipes, which can be costly and disruptive.
    Ample Plumbing is able to use Pipe Freezing in this scenario. The problem section is isolated and the liquid in the piping system is frozen to form an ‘ice plug’. This ‘ice plug’ is solid and secure, allowing repairs or maintenance to be performed without the loss of water.
    Liquid nitrogen is used to form the ‘ice plug’. When the work is complete, the plug melts and the pipes return to normal operations.

    Pipe Maintanence

    Electric Eel

    An Electric Eel, also known as a plumbing snake, is a professional, drain-clearing tool, made up of flexible cables and rotating cutting tools. It is used to clear blockages in sewer and storm water pipes by cutting through tree roots, grease, leaves & soil build-up. It can also be used to clean drains as any built up matter reducing the diameter of the pipe is scraped away.


    RAt Ample Plumbing out licenced gas fitter can be replied upon to ensure your gas fittings and fixtures are safely installed and maintained.Call us now to book or get a quote for:
    Locating and repairing gas leaks
    Completing any general gas fitting
    Installing Gas appliances

    Sewer Replacement

    Many older houses have their original terracotta pipes which were joined together with rubber rings. Overtime, the rubber deteriorates and roots get into the pipes. As the roots get larger, sections of the pipe are broken. Although Ample Plumbing offers many solutions for unblocking blocked sewers, sometimes sewer replacement is inevitable. It is the best method for a permanent solution to sewer problems.
    Pipe Location is used to obtain a clear location of the existing pipe system. This is dug up and replaced with PVC pipe, which is designed to withstand great pressure.

    Water Jetting

    Water Jetters are an efficient and economic way to clean drainage pipes. The Water Jetter is also environmentally safe as it utilises ordinary water. Very powerful and concentrated streams of water are directed all the way around the pipe walls, cutting through built-up grease, grunge and obstructions from blocked drains and sewer pipes. By using different length hoses and nozzles, we are able to control the reach and pressure of the streams of water to fully flush out any grease, roots or foreign objects that might be causing the blocked drains.

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    Ample Plumbing is a family owned business, dedicated to fix your plumbing needs with over over 15 years of experience. Ample Plumbing is based in South Western Sydney but is not limited to this area. Our service is prompt, reliable and honest and our rates are reasonable. Ample Plumbing is built upon repeat business, for your peace of mind, Ample Plumbing is fully licensed, fully insured and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) compliant. To hear what previous customers have said about Ample Plumbing’s service please read our testimonials or feel free to contact us and we will happily provide references. Ample Plumbing does jobs of any size: Commercial, Industrial and Domestic, including Emergency Plumbing.



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